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Vladimir Milosevic

Director of Photography

Vladimir Milosevic started his professional career as Cameraman and Photographer on local television station in Serbia, Europe.
In 2006 he moved to US, Miami where he started his professional career as Director of Photography, working on various Indie films and short travel videos all around US.
After the experience abroad, he started his own video production in Serbia, Studio Frame where he continued to work as Executive Producer and DP producing numerous short films, TV commercials, Music videos, Event videos, Extreme sport videos and other creative projects. His feature film Rope Skateboarding was premiered on film festivals in Europe, US and Japan.
Now, with 12 years of professional experience, Vladimir Milosevic is based in Shanghai China as Owner, Executive Producer and Director of Photography in INFINITY MEDIA.

Marina Erdeljan


Marina Erdeljan started her professional career as a journalist and producer on local Serbian TV station Metropolis is 2004. From that point, her career changed and she started working as a reporter, chief editor and screenplay writer on numerous reality and documentary shows. In 2012, Marina started working as a director and producer for various advertising companies, documentaries, commercial campaigns, digital films and short movies.

Her first author, short artistic film “ Art of dance” was premiered in 2016 at the “Dev9t” festival.

Marina is currently living and working in Shanghai, China, where she is successfully working with different clients, such as: Porsche, Mercedes, Airbnb, Omega, Hennessy, Coca Cola, Columbia, Adidas, Nike, Volvo, Ford, Foreo and many other local and international luxury and fashion brands.

Dawn Wang

Chief Editor

Dawn Wong is a bilingual video editor, Chinese Copy writer whose work has been well liked by various of international brands, such as Porsche, Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Beats, Omega etc. Her work includes corporate campaigns, TVCs, music videos, short documentaries, event videos, behind the scenes, tv shows.

Nikola Romic


He started his career in Event and F&B Management during his studies in NY, USA. and continued exploring it in Dubai, UAE. before returning back to Belgrade, Serbia. There he joined digital media agency where he started learning about media production and upon merging with TVC production house started his career as a Producer. His first project as the Executive Producer on a viral campaign was awarded with Grand Prix on FAB Awards in London and it was a clear sign that he is on the right track. Joined The Infinity Media Shanghai since the very beginning.

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Production Assistant

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Buba the Cat

Executive Company Cat

Buba started her professional career as a cat in 2016.
Old people say that there's a legend that raccoon fell in love in a cat and they made raccet, which was Bubas mother.
Very communicative and open minded. Love to catch bugs and mosquitos and to sleep on a working table.