We create VIDEO content that CONNECTS with YOUR target audience to boost your BRAND,

GROW and maintain a community of enthusiast CLIENTS that

are willing to be part of your EXPERIENCE

Our ability to tell exceptional stories with emotional messaging and unforgettable content is what separates us from the rest.




Our Specialties

Aerial Filming

Need for Aerial footage?
We have the latest drones to film any of your request. Event, Factory, Building, Beauty shots, you name it and we will do it!

Full Production Service

Let us know what do you want and we will do the rest!
We will write script, find talents, find locations, film, edit, do post production.
You just have to relax!


You already have your footage?
No problem! We are here to bake it in our editing room and to make the best of it!

Need a Script?

Our creative team will write you script for any kind of project.
TVC, viral, documentary, music video, event... We will rock it!

Need a DP / Camera operators?

Need someone to help you film your stuff?
We have very experienced camera operators and DP's that can help you do it!

Need a Photographer?

If you need photographer, you came to right place!
We have professional photographers for any kind of event who will the their best to make you more then satisfied in their work!

The INFINITY MEDIA SHANGHAI is video production based in Shanghai China. First of all, we create digital media content, high-end video¬†commercials, corporate videos, branded videos, fashion videos, documentary video and music videos. With more then million views to date on social media, we have collaborated with many brands. Adidas, Nike, Hennessy, BMW, Nespresso, Coca Cola, Schindler, Wonderlabs, W+K, ID Creations, BMH Technology, Air Serbia, Columbia, Ultra Violet and many international beauty and fashion labels from around the globe. Ability to tell and link exceptional stories with emotional messaging and unforgettable content is what separates us from the rest. With understanding your video concept and realizing your vision results we will deliver premium visual communications. Powerful, engaging and emotive films that captivate your viewers. We’re creating video content that connects with your target audience to boost your brand, grow and maintain a community of enthusiast clients that are willing to be part of your experience, we will TELL YOUR STORY. Our commercial production team has access to the best talent, locations, and equipment in the industry. Through our long standing relationships with reputable camera prop, casting and location entities in China we can help you with any kind of request. We are passionate about every project! We are involved in and will not rest until the final product exceeds your expectations. If you need only cameraman, director of photography, writing script, editing, drone or aerial filming, photographer or full video production service almost anywhere in Asia, China, Shanghai,¬†certainly we are the best solution for you! We are the link between you and your idea.